The Process for Portraiture

To get the best experience possible, photographer Stephen Hikida will ask to meet with you for an hour prior to your actual photo shoot, either on the same day as the session or some time prior. This can be accomplished at a cafe, park, restaurant, or even the study room of a library. During this time, we can get to know each other, and learn about the expectations of both the person being photographed as well as the photographer. In order to capture the personalities and unique traits of those being photographed, the subjects will need to be comfortable and the photographer will need to get to know you.

We understand that there are times when meeting in person is not possible due to busy schedules, young children, etc., and we would ask that some time be set aside for all parties to communicate.

During this pre-session meeting or communication, both parties can judge how comfortable they are to work with the other and whether they wish to move forward with the session. The specifics such as date, location, time and any theme or wardrobe changes may be discussed, as well as the fee structure and ultimate end products (such as wall art, albums, digital files, etc.) to be delivered.

Other specifics that will be discussed are location (in-home, at a public park or landmark), time (early morning, late afternoon, sunset or evening; note that outdoor locations at midday are discouraged due to the harsh sunlight), and mood. Clients are encouraged to set up a "mood board" of images from Pinterest and give a sentence or two about the reason each image was chosen, such as lighting, pose, emotion, etc. The photographer does not promise the same poses but will try to recreate the same atmosphere as indicated.

There is no charge for the pre-session meeting, even if it is decided that there is not a fit between the parties.

The photographers fee is $150 for a 90 minute session, with an additional $25 for each additional half hour. Two locations and three outfit changes are allowed with no additional fee for this session. See the "Pricing" page for more details.