Artist's Statement

Memories and Moments Captured Forever

Images For Tomorrow, LLC is owned and operated by photographer Stephen Hikida. Working primarily in Columbus and Central Ohio, Steve produces artistic, creative and crisp images that capture the fun and emotion of the moment and document the unique personalities and familial connections of his subjects.

Photography is not just the capturing of an image, nor is it simply the clicking of a button to move data to a hard drive or the web, where it will be stored forever and eventually lost in the electronic cloud. True photography is the ability to capture the unique personality and raw emotion of a moment in such a way that the subject feels the need to have the image printed.


Photographs begin a story that can be told by many people in many ways. A printed photograph is available at a moment’s notice as it hangs on the wall, is part of a photo album, or is framed and sitting on your desk. It serves as a visible reminder of what is important in your life.

Steve believes in shooting both formal "look at the camera" portraits as well as capturing what he calls "lifestyle portraits," where the subjects are entirely connecting with each other and ignoring the him. Because each of these styles evokes a different emotion and passion from the person who views the images, he believes both methods provide an excellent way to capture the personality, emotions and honest interactions of his subjects.

Honors & Awards

2018 American Photography Open Finalist

One image exhibited at the 2018 PhotoPlus show in the Digital Silver Imaging booth.

Photos and story sold and published in the United Kingdom's Daily Mail online edition:

Steve on Capturing Life

"I miss Callie."

After being our son’s constant companion since birth, our dog Callie passed away when our son was still young. He barely mentioned her for the first few months, but during this time we created an album with most of her photos, from the time we adopted her to all the photos of the two of them together. The photos remind us of happy times and the love that was shared between all of us through the years. Anytime one of us is feeling nostalgic, Callie’s photo album is easily available.

90 Years of Living

Poster boards display pictures celebrating the 90 years of life my wife’s grandmother has enjoyed. She exudes joy as she tells stories of those people who have shared her life. Pictures show her as a child, getting engaged and married. Photos of parents, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are mixed with the celebrations of life and the memorials of the lives of people who have lived throughout a century of time.